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This local couple will plant and maintain your vegetable garden for you

In a well-manicured backyard in Southold, Paul and Kirsten Kesicki are showing off their raised vegetable garden. Four beds in sleek wooden boxes hold myriad plants. The tops of carrots, the beginnings of radishes, the start of cauliflower all popping their green leaves out of the damp soil. Netting supports the curly tendrils of pea shoots and in the back, there’s a strawberry cake, as they call it — a multi-tiered garden bed of strawberry plants. The new blossoms hang off the side to prevent rot.

Despite their excitement over the garden, this isn’t their house. In fact, none of the three gardens they visit that afternoon to water or pull weeds or harvest are theirs. They all belong to different clients. The Kesickis plant, grow and maintain the beds as part of their business, YardCrop.

“Every garden, every person has different needs,” Kirsten Kesicki said. “Every gardener has different levels of interest in being involved.” It starts with the husband and wife team coming to do a yard consultation to see where a garden would best fit in your yard. Then you determine the size of the garden with a crop menu. From there, the Kesicki’s have builders make the raised garden beds and they do the planting. A client can choose to be as involved as they want, from giving complete maintenance to YardCrop to completely taking over themselves.

“So many people have these beautiful backyards and they’re just growing grass and some annual flowers,” Kirsten Kesicki said. “After people built their quarantine gardens, there’s this return to the homegrown, really utilizing your space as much as possible.”