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Want a versatile plant for your patio?

Why does Michael Leach love selling plants? “It never feels like work!” he says.

The former film and television stylist and set designer turned his love of greenery into boutique plant shop Dynasty in 2013 and has been providing folks with fabulous foliage ever since, along with sought-after runs of handmade planters and accessories.

“Aside from the sheer beauty of plants and the positive health benefits of filtering air and increasing oxygen levels in our spaces, I think we’re living in a time where people are learning more about self-care and mindfulness and taking care of plants can be a part of this path,” Leach says.

“Being a green thumb is a learned skill one develops through trial and error, reading and patience. Plants soften and invigorate spaces, and bring with them their own quirky charm and personality.”

Summer is the perfect time to pick up a new potted pal that can spend the summer outside with you, then come inside when cooler weather hits.

Some of Leach’s indoor/outdoor faves include desert and succulent plants (like agave, cacti, echeveria and jade) and citrus plants (such as lemon and orange), as well as various types of palms (roebellini and spindle palms are a couple of striking options).

Here are a few of Leach’s go-to spots for adding a new member to your plant family this summer:

Dynasty Plant Shop 1086 1/2 Queen St. W., Toronto

“OG boutique shop with exceptional customer service and awesome offerings, plus high-quality planters you won’t find anywhere else. The Dynasty Pot Shop is also right beside our original plant shop on Queen at Dovercourt and is a great spot to pick up cannabis seeds and materials for growing your first pot plant this summer.”

Kim’s Nature 10011 ON-48, Markham

“They specialize in rare plants — awesome people and a fun weekend adventure.”

Valleyview Gardens 8636 Reesor Rd., Markham