It all started back in 2012, when myself, Bulan and my co-founder Arimbie had a little discussion on how we can introduce Indonesia-origin aquatics plants to the world. We both had the same interest in aquatics plants since 2008.

       Back then, we started looking for customers on facebook. We joined many aquatics plants groups and offered them our aquatic plants, especially bucephalandra. Our first customer was from Korea, he wanted to buy a few kinds of bucephalandra. It was a small order, less than 50 usd, but we were so excited because it was our first customer. We shipped them using DHL at that time. Turns out the plants arrived bad. We realized the problem was with our packing so after that we kept learning on how to quarantine before shipment and also how to pack them properly.

      As the time went by, we got more and more customers so we decided to make a company called Indoplant Kingdom, basically to show that Indonesia has a vast variety of aquatics plants. We now only do wholesale because we have our own farm where we keep all the plants therefore we must sell in bulk.Therefor If you are looking for the most amazing plant species both seasonal and non-seasonal to bring beauty and balance to the ornamentation fish, then you have reached your destination.